VIDEO FLASHBACK: The Kangaroo Special Session That Brought Obamacare to Arizona

On June 12, 2013, Governor Brewer and her carriers in the Arizona House initiated a kangaroo special session in the Arizona House that welcomed in the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in accordance with Section 2001 of the Affordable Care Act.

This was nothing more than a corporate giveaway to the healthcare industrial complex in Arizona.

Watch this video from June 12, 2013 as brave conservative legislators attempt to debate the Obamacare Republicans on the floor of the House. As you can see, a travesty of the legislative process took place as the Obamacare Republicans refused to yield to ANY questions.

It’s now 2014 and the Primary Elections are approaching. Let’s make sure that the voters are reminded of what happened during that infamous special session one year ago.

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A Vote for Medicaid Expansion WAS A Vote For Obamacare

The Obamacare Republicans and their apologists are claiming that when they voted for the Medicaid restoration expansion, they were not voting for Obamacare, but the fact remains that they did indeed vote for the Affordable Care Act’s Section 2001 which can be found on page 392.

Here’s all the visual and physical evidence you need complete with links directly to the federal government’s Health and Human Services website:

Obamacare Medicaid Expansion


When you receive your early ballot or head to the polls on August 26th, remember these legislators who voted for Obamacare. They are seeking re-election or other offices:

Steve Pierce – LD-1 Senate
Jeff Dial – LD-18 Senate
Bob Worsley – LD-25 Senate
Adam Driggs – LD-28 Senate
TJ Shope – LD-8 House
Frank Pratt – LD-8 House
Ethan Orr – LD-9 House
Heather Carter – LD-15 House
Doug Coleman – LD-16 House
Bob Robson – LD-18 House
Kate Brophy-McGee – LD-28 House
John McComish – Justice of the Peace, Kyrene Precinct

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Adding to the Target List

One name that did not appear on our earlier list of 2014 legislative targets was Senator John McComish. McComish has decided he will not be running for re-election to the Arizona Legislature in 2014 – which explains Jeff Dial’s intention to seek that seat. Instead, McComish is rumored to be seeking a Justice of the Peace position in Kyrene Precinct. (This is a common practice by lawmakers who do this in order to get paid more while increasing their state retirement pension.)

Senator McComish thought he had a “free ride” into this JP seat. Not so fast.

Enter Darryl Jacobson-Barnes, a conservative candidate who HAS officially announced for the Justice of the Peace seat. Given Darryl’s conservative activism supporting economic freedom, we believe she will make a much better candidate for this office.

Add another conservative to support to the list!

Follow Darryl Jacobson-Barnes online at and on Twitter at @JBforJP.


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The 2014 Preliminary Primary List

After last year’s special session vote for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion by a handful of Republicans (who joined with Democrats), we pledged to hold accountable those who voted for it.

Pending any 2014 legislative atrocities, we are releasing the following list of Republicans we intend to primary on Tuesday, September 8, 2014.

In order to see this through, we need your financial support. Elections cost money and to win will require the most strategic use of resources. If we can count on your support, please visit our donation page and give generously toward this effort.

Here is the preliminary primary list:

Jeff Dial – LD-18
Bob Worsley – LD-25
Adam Driggs – LD 28

Doris Goodale – LD-5
TJ Shope – LD-8
Frank Pratt – LD-8
Ethan Orr – LD-9
Heather Carter – LD-15
Doug Coleman – LD-16
Bob Robson – LD-18
Kate Brophy McGee – LD-28

Donate Now!

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What’s All This Fuss About Sales Tax?

Following the latest efforts to reform the way Arizona manages the transaction privilege tax aka sales tax revenue?

We are.

Here are two reports from KAET’s Horizon featuring Arizona Capitol Times reporter Jim Small and Arizona State University economist Dennis Hoffman on Governor Jan Brewer’s agenda to simplify Arizona Sales Tax system.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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Arizona Republic Columnist Laurie Roberts on Betsey Bayless Raise

Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts recently appeared on Arizona KAET’s Horizon to discuss the $125,000 pay raise awarded to Maricopa County Integrated Health System’s CEO, Betsey Bayless.

We applaud Laurie Roberts for revealing the details on Bayless’ machinations that brings her salary up to $500,000 a year!

Betsey Bayless is probably the highest paid unelected state official in Arizona.

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No New Taxes, No on 204 Releases “5 Reasons”

NO on 204

PHOENIX — No New Taxes, No on 204 today released its newest television advertisement titled, “5 Reasons.” Business and community leaders across the state all agree that the $1 billion permanent sales tax burden that Prop 204 will place on hardworking families and small business owners is bad public policy. Although there are 100 things wrong with the initiative, the top five reasons are highlighted in this 30 second spot.

YouTube Preview Image

Script For “5 Reasons:”



ANNOUNCER: “5 reasons to vote no on Prop 204. 204 is the largest permanent tax increase in Arizona’s history.”


ANNOUNCER: “Arizona would have the second highest sales taxes in America.”


ANNOUNCER: “Groups all across Arizona say 204 has no education reform.”


ANNOUNCER: “204 was written by special interests in secret.”


ANNOUNCER: “And The Republic opposes 204 saying it:

“…is bad public policy…burdening the poor far more than the well-to-do…”


ANNOUNCER: “Vote No on 204.”

To learn more about Proposition 204, please visit


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Mesa Mayor Scott Smith on Arizona Proposition 204

Education has always been a major part of my life. My father, Dr. George N. Smith, was a highly respected teacher and school superintendent here in Arizona for over 35 years. As the superintendent of one of the largest school districts, my father lived education – at the dinner table, at church, even at the grocery store. During his tenure, Mesa’s schools were considered to be among the finest in the nation.

I grew up knowing that quality education was the key to success. That’s why, even as a struggling family, my wife and I made sacrifices so that I could go to law school. That’s also why education has been a key part of my HEAT (Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Tourism/Technology) initiative in Mesa.

So far, we have had a great deal of success with this initiative. We’ve increased opportunities in higher education by bringing five new colleges to our downtown. We’ve built stronger relationships with ASU Polytechnic, MCC, AT Still and others. We’ve teamed up with Mesa Public Schools to develop a plan to turn underused space into youth sports facilities with the passage of Mesa’s Question 1. I am also pleased to be part of the Mayor’s Roundtable on Education.

I wholeheartedly believe that educating our children is the most important investment we can make in Arizona, and we should expect nothing short of excellence in our educational system. I have seen firsthand how critical quality education is to creating economic opportunities. I have long supported efforts to provide adequate funding for our schools and colleges, expand parental choice, encourage innovation, improve teacher training, and demand accountability.

During this recession, many Arizonans have expressed their displeasure with the manner in which State leaders have handled educational funding priorities. Prop 204 is a product built from this frustration. Unfortunately, it is a flawed product; and, is bad public policy.

Prop 204 imposes a permanent fix for what is most likely a short-term problem. All too often, these inflexible changes become outdated as the world changes. Rather than curing the actual ailment, these solutions end up merely easing the pain for a short time. They then often prohibit substantive reforms that would have a more lasting impact. Prop 204 may even reward the status quo, which will also inhibit real changes in school financing or performance. This will not inspire the kind of transformational reforms that our children need and deserve.

In its attempt to solve one problem, Prop 204 will also simply shift financial challenges from one area of government to another. And, the changes in Prop 204 will make it more difficult, if not impossible to achieve much needed overall state tax reform.

Arizonans should demand real solutions from our leaders to the challenges we face. Prop 204 not only fails to solve these challenges, it will keep us from making the changes we need to improve our educational system. Please join me in voting No on Prop 204. Let’s then work together to make Arizona’s schools the best in America!

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Prop 204 a giveaway to the construction industry

By Graydon Holt

You have to hand it to the construction industry companies in Arizona that builds roads and public transit. They found a clever way to grab millions in taxpayer money every year without answering to the state legislators elected to spend public funds.

Vote No on 204

Vote NO on 204!

Proposition 204 is their route to riches. The Proposition would raise at least $1 billion a year by installing a one-cent permanent increase in the state sales tax rate. About $100 million a year would go to the construction industry. The proposition supporters claim that funds for education are somehow linked to jobs, meaning construction jobs.

This is a stretch beyond recognition. Voters all over Arizona must be scratching their heads and asking what in the world roads and light rail have to do with improving student performance in the classroom.The answer, of course, is nothing. Proposition 204 supporters say only that their tax and spend scheme will help the state economy. Well-built and maintained roads and transit certainly help Arizona’s economy. But they should not be linked to education spending.

The construction industry got this sweetheart deal by pledging to help pay for the Proposition 204 campaign. A $100 million a year subsidy paid by taxpayers is a good deal in exchange for a campaign contribution. Voters should cancel the deal and vote no on Proposition 204.

Read other posts by Graydon Holt at Western Free Press

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Prop 204 campaign hiding behind the children

By Graydon Holt

The most offensive thing about Proposition 204 is the cynical ploy to hide behind young children to feather the nest of special interests. Never underestimate the gall of people who want to get their hands on the taxpayers’ money.

The know-it-alls who came up with Proposition 204 are pulling the oldest trick in the book. Trick the voters. Spin a myth that cruel legislators are shortchanging schools, devise a scheme to grab a cool $1 billion a year that the state legislature can’t touch, spread the money around to your friends in the education bureaucracy, and then pretend that all the money will help students and teachers.

Truth be told, the Proposition 204 proponents are control freaks. They don’t like the idea that elected representatives in the legislature spend our sales tax money. Talk about standing our democratic system on its head. What they really don’t like are the legislators the people select.

They should run their own candidates if they don’t like the ones currently in office. That’s how the system works. Get in the game.

Most of all, stop running ads filled with students and scenes of schools. You are using the children. You really want to control the money and decide who gets it – your cronies and pet projects.

Voters are too smart to fall for this scheme. They will reject Proposition 204 on November 6.

Read other posts by Graydon Holt at Western Free Press

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