Please make a generous donation to the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee today.

Our goal is to elect candidates who will support public policy that protects your hard-earned tax dollars from fraud, waste and abuse. We also support candidates who are committed to a balanced budget AND most importantly, candidates who will NOT raise YOUR taxes.

Please join our goal to elect taxpayer-friendly candidates to public office by donating to The Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee today.

You may donate through our secure online Piryx account or you may mail your donation to the following address:

5520 E. San Miguel Avenue
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Checks can be written to “Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee” and must include Occupation and Employer.

Donations to The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee are not tax-deductible.

The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee is an Independent Expenditure Committee registered with the State of Arizona’s Secretary of State under filing identification number 200602776.

One Response to Donate

  1. Frank Trejo says:

    I just heard about your organization on the radio. I shall send a a check for $25 dollars. I also want to run the following by you and see what you think.

    Several months ago a poll results was posted in an article. It had to do with the effectiveness, or not, of posting street signs on lawns or street corners. 85% said they didn’t bother to read. 13% looked but weren’t swayed. Just 2% said they were affected by them. I’ve spent quite some time standing at street corners holding signs such as – THE U.S. CONGRESS IS RUN BY CRIMINALS. Another reads – I DIDN’T VOTE FOR SOCIALISM. It is amazing the reaction I get. Many car honks, many two-finger victory signs. Many would stop to converse.
    I am suggesting you consider this idea. Please, will someone contact me to discuss this: 480-299-9568 . . . the name is Frank

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